越了解 越相爱

客如云“客如云科技(北京)股份有限公司”成立于2012年,是全球领先的O2O领域创新企业。客如云通过自主研发的软硬件致力于为本地服务业提供智能化的解决方案,是一家基于云端技术的SaaS公司。公司总部位于北京,并在成都设立了软件研发中心,深圳设立了硬件研发中心,目前已在北京、上海、广州、重庆、天津、深圳、成都、武汉、南京、沈阳、长春、哈尔滨、大连、太原、西安、杭州、长沙、无锡、济南、佛山、郑州、苏州、张家口、东莞等24座城市设立分站,员工总数超过1000人,全国拥有超过50家授权代理公司,服务商户超过10000家。前使用客如产品的B端从业者已超过10万人,而C端的消费者更是超过了300万人,月均GMV已超过4亿人民币。2016年1月,客如云成功在新三板挂牌(代码:835268),为公司在资本市场运作提供了一个崭新的平台。2016年8月5日,客如云发布了全新产品OnPOS mini,并联合钱包金服推出全新的金融服务,客如云即将完成B+轮和C轮合计2.22亿人民币的融资,客如云一直致力于更加简单、高效、智能的连接人与服务,希望改变未来的服务业。

Keruyun has set more than 20 stations in China to provide services to all customers across the country.

 Branch map

We are a group of young people loving life; the company has such organized activities as swimming, basketball, football, badminton, shoot and birthday party for us. What is the most important is the afternoon tea each day.

Afternoon tea

We love plants, so the office is full of green.


We advocate combination of exertion and rest, so billiards are favored by programmers.


We advocate winning by teamwork, so each person can make his/her own shares in the post.

Teamwork wins

We trust fast learning, fast moving and infinite knowledge. Confronted with increasingly fierce competition, we must empower us and make friends to live freely.

Fast learning fast moving

We trust that we will do the best wherever we are and whatever we do; we will outpace the opponent, our own and acme.

Best or nothing

Certainly, the most important is that we are the strength with high beauty.

Keruyun is perfect only with you.

Your joining is earnestly expected.

expects to join

Enterprise Culture of Keruyun Deep Expose

Each company has its own Enterprise Culture, each new friends of keruyun understand keruyun corporate culture through keruyun handbook. Today, with the development and growth of keruyun, Enterprise Culture plays an indispensable role in spiritual guidance, we strive to work hard, and the enterprise culture into the blood to practice our work! Next, keruyun CEO- Peng Lei will be in-depth analysis of enterprise culture, whether you are a member of the keruyun, or keruyun's friends or keruyun's clients, we all want to send you full of positive energy.

  • 热爱生活
    Life is great
    We emphasize love life, we hope that each team members are positive, sunny, positive, this is the basis of human nature.
  • 团队制胜
    Teamwork wins
    We believe the strength of the team, everyone not only get support from the team , we can put their ability to nurture team, promote the growth of the team.
  • 快学快用
    Fast learning fast moving
    We especially emphasize the ability to learn new knowledge with new knowledge, everyone should have a strong desire to learn and improve, you will not be afraid, afraid you do not learn.
  • 超越极致
    Best or nothing
    In the Internet industry,losers are always in the wrong. So we all work results are, do the best ,or never do, beyond the opponent, beyond ourselves, beyond the limit.

    Present one of the most authentic Keruyun For you

    热爱生活 Life is great

    Keruyun need to realize the vision, then need a group of what people struggle with us? In every period of years through the clouds, we are looking for talents are more and more clear! We need to find people, is hard to pay every day, enjoy life every day, every corner of the mouth can sleep with a smile. Whether entrepreneurship or good work, and finally will make your life more colorful. Some people may say: I want to love life, I do not work overtime, do not want to go to work, has been able to rest on the best. So what is love life? Love life is not what is lying on the sofa, it is not imaginary, love life. As a natural person, we all love Thanksgiving, have. The work is a part of life, work is for better life, first you have to love the work, can have more abundant resources to love life enjoy life... This is the basis of human nature, love the nature of life is positive, sunny, positive Thanksgiving and face life

    团队制胜 Teamwork wins

    When you love life as a positive sunshine,You started to work, now the problem? Can you finish all the work by yourself? Can I disband the whole department and get all the work done by one person? It's impossible, we need to rely on the strength of the team, so that everyone can play their biggest advantage, our mutual complementarity, get support from the team, their ability to feed to the team, to finish the work. No matter what is individual combat can be completed! We need to cooperate with each other, really for the team, a high degree of responsibility, really believe, service, rely on the team.

    快学快用 Fast learning fast moving

    Now we are all positive people, we build the team, and then what are we doing? We are doing a thingsthat with lot of newcomers but no predecessors then how do we do? To learn! Always maintain the industry's strongest learning ability! We maintain that we will always be the best in the industry to continue! So Keruyun is spared no effort on staff learning and training ! we have to find the best people in the field, learn from them! The whole industry is changing, Keruyun is also learning and progress!

    超越极致 Best or nothing

    Learning well! But after learning, if there is no good results, then strong enterprises will collapse! Best or nothing, today your best performance is your minimum requirements for tomorrow...... Keruyun wants to go beyond self! Only continuely promot ultimate products and service, Keruyun can meet the needs of the market, enterprises can continue to develop.